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Manufacturing Glaucoma Implants since 1982

MOLTENO Ophthalmic Ltd was founded by Professor Anthony Molteno, whose ground-breaking glaucoma research has resulted in the hugely successful Molteno glaucoma implants that are used worldwide today.
Molteno glaucoma implants are the most refined, most effective and most studied glaucoma drainage devices in the world with clinical research in thousands of patients over thirty years (1-6,9-11,13-14). The Molteno3 implants distil that research into a single device that is slimmer, easier to implant and as effective at reducing intraocular pressure than competing devices (14).
Professor Molteno also developed the M-Sphere hydroxyapatite orbital implant and related products such as the MoaBone surgical implants which improve the lives and appearance of those who have had an enucleation (11).
Molteno implants are produced in a purpose built facility In Dunedin, New Zealand to the highest levels of tolerance and sterility and meet strict ISO 13485 standards. MOLTENO Ophthalmic Ltd also produce detailed surgical guides to accompany the implants.

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