MRI safety information

MRI safety information

All Molteno and Molteno3 Glaucoma Drainage Devices are manufactured with the same materials: polypropylene plate and silicone tube. There are no metallic components.

The attached report by Radiology Physics (Australia) Limited included tests confirming safety on a 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner and concluded that “The Molteno Device is considered to be MR-safe in scanners operating at this higher 3 Tesla level of magnetic field”.

Subsequent MR scanning of patients with Molteno and Molteno3 devices in 3T MRI scanners has supported this conclusion:

“I can report there were no issues with the patient during and after the scan. We scan on a Siemens Skyra 3T and the Molteno implant produced no image artefact whatsoever. We use sequences that are T1 & T2 Dixon sequences for the orbits plus routine sequences for a normal brain scan with DWI/SWI.

At the time of writing this email I had a patient book in for an MRI scan who also has a Molteno implant so I could straight away inform booking staff that this was MRI safe.”


  • Report by Radiology Physics (Australia) Limited and screenshot from with link to website.
  • MRI image from a patient with a Molteno implant (Siemens Skyra 3T).

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