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The Molteno3 Glaucoma Implant Step-by-Step Surgical Guide: The detailed, illustrated guide to implanting the Molteno3 glaucoma implant to achieve excellent results in moderate to severe, advanced or complex glaucoma cases. Tips for beginners and masters of surgery. 

Surgeons may modify the surgical technique recommended in the Molteno3 Glaucoma Implant Step-by-Step Surgical Guide to suit the case. Experienced surgeons demonstrate their Molteno3 implant surgical technique in a range of cases on our Surgical Videos page.

Occluding the tube (Vicryl tie): techniques for occluding the tube with an absorbable suture were investigated by Donald Sinclair and Malcolm McKellar. Findings are summarised in a poster: 'Occluding the Tube' 

The 'Piggy-Back' Molteno Implant Step-by-Step Surgical Guide: Adding extra drainage area to an existing glaucoma implant. A safe, simple and effective surgery with no intraocular component for patients with inadequate IOP control. 

The M-Sphere Orbital Implant Step-by-Step Guide: The detailed, illustrated surgical guide to achieving excellent results and natural eye movement by implanting an M-Sphere implant after enucleation or evisceration. Tips for beginners and masters of the surgical art. 

The MoaBone Reconstruction Pack Step-by-Step Surgical Guide: Correcting the effects of orbital fat atrophy that may develop after trauma. 

MOLTENO Implant Traceability Record (Medical Device Tracking Card, Return Card): A Tracking Card is included with each implant and must be completed and returned at the time of implantation. Replacement cards can be downloaded here

Product Information Sheet for all Molteno Glaucoma Implants: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Turkish and Farsi (Persian) product information. Included in each glaucoma implant package.

MRI Safety documentation. MRI safe in 1.5 and 3T scanners. No metallic components. 

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