MOLTENO Ophthalmic visits JTech Plastics - 5th Feb 2016

MOLTENO Ophthalmic visits JTech Plastics MOLTENO Ophthalmic staff headed out of the city to visit JTech Plastics' manufacturing facility for a fascinating look at large scale injection moulding and mould-making. MOLTENO Ophthalmic has extensive experience with injection moulding tiny, detailed device components in a cleanroom environment, so seeing the sizeable components produced by JTech in their enormous factory building was a huge contrast. The range of polymers available to JTech to use was also a point of difference. The medical device polymer range is small due to the rigorous quality, safety and performance requirements of any medical polymer, particularly those used as implants. 

The moulds made by JTech for their own manufacturing enterprise were very impressive and the preference for controlling the manufacturing process from mould-making to production of finished product is a characteristic that JTech and MOLTENO Ophthalmic share. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit and a reciprocal visit is being planned.

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