Master Tool-maker Remembered - 30th Mar 2016

Lance Walters, master tool-maker, 1946-2015 Lance John Walters, master tool-maker of Auckland, is remembered every time one of the immaculate moulds he made for MOLTENO Ophthalmic is set up for the next production run. Lance was involved from the time MOLTENO Ophthalmic first went into the commercial production of glaucoma implants in 1982 until his death in August 2015; thirty-three years of happy collaboration. Lance was a very nice man to work with.
Lance described the moulds he made for MOLTENO Ophthalmic as one of the proudest achievements of his long career and the quality of his workmanship is such that his moulds continue to function perfectly decades after first being used. An entirely independent assessment of glaucoma implants (9) showed that the surface of Molteno glaucoma implants is smoother than any other implants examined, reflecting the quality of Lance's finishing work. 
We remember Lance with great fondness and respect.


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