Productive Sydney Meetings for Senior Managers - 9th May 2016

Maria Ponsford, Nina Molteno and Brad Grills meeting in Sydney, Australia Kestrel Ophthalmics' MD, Maria Ponsford (UK) and MOLTENO Ophthalmic's CEO, Nina Molteno, were hosted by Brad Grills and his team at Designs for Vision (Australia) at meetings in Sydney. Maria and Brad have considerable experience as ophthalmic distributors in their respective countries and shared their insights and ideas about the markets they work in. Nina outlined the research driven evolution of the Molteno and Molteno3 glaucoma implants, from the very first implant with a plate inserted by Anthony Molteno almost fifty years ago to the advanced Molteno3 S-series implant design of today.

After an alfresco lunch it was back to business: lively brain-storming sessions on training and supporting surgeons, registrars and the sales force, ideas for conferences and sponsorship, new opportunities to  support ophthalmic research and young researchers, and setting new targets. The day finished with a tour of the Designs for Vision facility and a chance to meet more of the dedicated staff of the sales, support and service departments.

It was a very rewarding series of meetings with considerable knowledge gained, exciting opportunities developed and new friendships made. 

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