"Dunedin Company Changes Lives" celebrates MOLTENO glaucoma implant milestone - 25th Jul 2016

ODT front page: Roslyn Pearce works on a Molteno glaucoma implant. ODT photo by P. McIntosh.

MOLTENO Ophthalmic staff at the 50th anniversary function featured. ODT photo by C. O'Connor.

A very early Molteno glaucoma implant, used in the 1960s.

Fifty years ago, Anthony Molteno, training to be an ophthalmologist, operated on a toddler with a previously untreatable type of glaucoma (buphthalmos) and inserted the plate implant he had developed. The surgery was successful and his implant transformed the management of severe glaucoma. The Otago Daily Times marked the 50th anniversary with a full-page feature celebrating Anthony Molteno's remarkable career of research and innovation, always focused on the goal of saving sight and making life better for his patients and others all over the world. 

MOLTENO Ophthalmic staff also starred in the article with Production Manager, Roslyn Pearce, photographed at the microscope working on a third generation Molteno3 S-series implant, the most technologically advanced glaucoma implant and a descendant of that very first Molteno glaucoma implant from fifty years ago. Some features of the early implant are recognizable in the Molteno3 implant such as the implant plate that prevents the tissues forming a hard cap of scar tissue over the end of the draining tube and the suture holes used to secure the implant in place. Other features are recent developments, particularly the technologically advanced oval primary drainage area which is unique and has two functions:
  • reduces the risk of hypotony (abnormally low intraocular pressure) and
  • promotes natural anti-inflammatory and fibrodegenerative processes that keep the bleb (the tissue around the implant that drains excess fluid) functioning long term. 

Chief executive, Nina Molteno, reported that the company was "focusing on spreading the word about the high success rate of Molteno glaucoma implants...[and] would continue to support glaucoma research, while also working on new research and development projects..".


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