Molteno3® glaucoma implants contribute to the vision-saving work of the John Fawcett Foundation - 3rd Aug 2016

Prof Bill Morgan (University of Western Australia) travelled to Indonesia recently to support the charitable work of the John Fawcett Foundation, taking with him Molteno3 SS implants donated by MOLTENO Ophthalmic. Prof Morgan has been working with two local glaucoma surgeons, Dr Agus and Dr Rahayu, and had shown them the technique for Molteno3 glaucoma valve implantation on a previous trip.
On this visit Prof Morgan supported Dr Rahayu while she operated on a particularly challenging case. Prof Morgan takes up the story: “The patient had ciliary block-induced chronic angle closure with a pressure of 40 mmHg. The patient had already undergone YAG laser iridotomy and successful cataract extraction two months prior because of the angle closure. Additionally, the patient was already totally blind in the other eye from chronic angle closure glaucoma and had an acuity of 6/24 in the left and only eye.”
“It was surprising to see ciliary block in a patient who was already pseudophakic but I have seen this before and have presumed the cause to be a thickened anterior hyaloid face. So in the surgery I assisted one of the senior glaucoma surgeons, Dr Rahayu, whilst she performed the Molteno3 SS valve implantation, scleral flap and other parts of the tube surgery, giving her some guidance along the way. I performed a core vitrectomy through a corneal incision cutting a periphery iridectomy, zonulectomy, hyaloidectomy and that relieved the ciliary block.
That particular patient was an excellent teaching case for some of the physiological principles of angle closure and it was a difficult technical case but, fortunately, went very well and the next day the pressure was down to 20 mm/Hg with a visual acuity of 6/18.”
The patient and medical staff of Indera Hospital were extremely pleased and appreciative of the donation of Molteno3 SS implants for this charitable work.

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