Molteno3® Glaucoma Implants combine proven technology with new features that make the implants easier to insert.

M-Sphere® Natural Hydroxyapatite Orbital Implants result in a healthy socket and improve cosmetic outcomes.

MOLTENO Ophthalmic has more than thirty years of experience manufacturing implanted medical devices to the highest quality standards.

Molteno® Glaucoma Implants

Molteno Glaucoma Drainage Devices are surgical implants for treating glaucoma. Proven long-term effectiveness means that Molteno glaucoma implants are often used as the first surgical option when medical treatment of glaucoma has failed or has a poor prognosis. 

M-Sphere® Orbital Implants

M-Sphere Natural Hydroxyapatite Orbital Implants are used to replace an eyeball. The M-Sphere implant is completely porous and is easily and rapidly incorporated into the tissues to become a 'living' eyeball that moves naturally behind the eyelids and provides support for an artificial eye (prosthesis) (11).

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