Molteno3 Surgical Videos

Surgeons may modify the surgical technique recommended in the Molteno3 Glaucoma Implant Step-by-Step Surgical Guide to suit the individual case. Experienced surgeons demonstrate their Molteno3 implant surgical technique in a range of cases through links on this page. 
Warning: All these videos contain surgical images.

1) The Molteno3 G-series glaucoma implant with Vicryl tie for delayed drainage. A case with primary glaucoma. Surgery and commentary by Prof Anthony C.B. Molteno.

2) Molteno3 implantation with cataract extraction & IOL. Prof Bill Morgan demonstrates his surgical technique for Molteno3 implantation combined with phacoemulsification (cataract extraction) and insertion of IOL (intraocular lens). Techniques for success include: tube occlusion with 5.0 Vicryl® tie, test of occlusion, large (5mm) limbus-based scleral flap and trimming the tube with bevel facing forward. 

3) Molteno3 implant for uveitic glaucoma 2° to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, surgery by Prof Bill Morgan. Case history: IOP had been well controlled for many years on Latanoprost and Timolol. IOP recently rose to 30. Alphagan and Brinzolamide were added with no significant or sustained effect. Supero-temporal disk rim loss was noted on serial confocal scanning laser tomography (Heidelberg HRT). Visual field was still normal. Due to the elevated IOP and disk change, Molteno3 GL (230mm2) implant surgery with scleral graft was performed. A complicating factor was the presence of peripheral anterior synechiae (PAS): when the 23g needle entered the anterior chamber some iris was engaged. The tube was inserted bevel down to ride over the PAS then rotated to the correct orientation. The rest of the procedure was routine: tube occlusion with Vicryl tie, Sherwood venting slit and limbus-based scleral flap with interposed scleral graft.

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