Trade marks, patents, protecting against counterfeit product

At MOLTENO Ophthalmic Ltd our intellectual property is extremely important to us. Our name, patents and trade marks are synonymous with ground breaking research and development and high-quality products. We need to protect our precious trade marks and patents.

The ® symbol should be used after our trade marks wherever possible and always after the first use on a page: Molteno®, Molteno3®, M-Sphere® and MoaBone®.

MOLTENO Ophthalmic is the ONLY manufacturer in the world of Molteno and Molteno3 glaucoma implants, M-sphere hydroxyapatite intraorbital implants and MoaBone surgical implants. Our first responsibility is to the patients and surgeons who use our products. Counterfeit and look-alike medical devices have become more prevalent and pose a very real and potentially serious threat to health. Because MOLTENO Ophthalmic did not manufacture them, we cannot confirm the performance, mechanical properties, biocompatibility or sterility of counterfeit products. Be alert and immediately report to us any instances of intellectual property infringement, similar names or trade marks being used in the market for similar products or any look-alike or counterfeit (fake) product.

Guidelines for trade mark usage, patent acknowledgment and protecting against counterfeit product.

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